Motorsport Gaming is thrilled to announce the launch of its new game: Motorsport Master!

Motorsport Master is a Free to Play managerial racing game available on Android and iOS, inspired by the world of Formula racing where you can create your own team, hire drivers, upgrade the car and manage the drivers strategy and radio orders during a race!

Players can compete in more than 45 different championships of increasing difficulty and beat their opponents across 50 racetracks, in changing weather conditions, and eventually climb the ranks to be crowned Motorsport Masters.

At Motorsport Gaming we are eager to see how the players will enjoy the game we have been working on for the past few months, so download the app for free on Android or iOS and take your seat on the pitwall of your very own racing team!

Our work on Motorsport Master certainly does not end with the game’s launch, as Motorsport Gaming CEO Matteo Palumbo said:
“Managerial Games are part of our company’s DNA. Motorsport Master is a crowning achievement for our development team, and we’ll be working on the project constantly to push out new updates and features, including a multiplayer version, to allow our game to be supported on more platforms and devices.”

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