We have been hard at work on Motorsport Master over the past couple of months and, as a consequence, the blog’s activities have been placed somewhat on the back burner. Nevertheless, the idea from now on is to keep you updated on a more regular basis, be it about development work on our projects, our activities or just general developer ramblings.

Just over two months ago we launched Motorsport Master, which is available for free on Google Play and on the App Store. Needless to say we were pretty anxious on launch day, even though you spend thousands of hours developing, testing, polishing and going over all the details, you always fear that some gigantic bug may have slipped out through the cracks when you decide to go live on the stores.

The players seem to have enjoyed it very much so far, I’m not saying all of the reviews are super positive, but even the negative ones frequently offer us plenty of insights and feedback about how the players would like the game to improve. Part of our updates often take into consideration user feedback, after all, we’re making the game so that you can enjoy it!

Some of the updates that were rolled out after launch have included race simulation optimisations, and this is something we’ll keep improving in future upgrades, we want this part to be friggin awesome (because of one thing that we’re working on but I’m not allowed to talk about yet!). We have also introduced new localisations of the game: German, French, Dutch and Turkish and we will be introducing Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian in the next update as part of our efforts to bring our game to a wider audience of motorsport fans around the world!

As the motorsport season comes to an end, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the Grand Prix Predictor players. It looks like the race to be the best predictor in the world will go down to the wire: the top 5 players in the Global League are separated by less than 40 points and only one race left on the calendar!

The GPPredictor platform has also received some developer’s attention, most of the user requests that have reached us throughout the season have been implemented to a certain extent, we are testing the work done and we look forward to releasing the new stuff at the start of the next F1 season.

So… This pretty much sums up what has been going on at Motorsport Gaming HQ (or at least what I can say, more will come in due time!) I’m going to make the effort of keeping the blog updated more often, I pinky swear.

Until the next time, Ciao!