We're just past that time of the year when kids have their own version of crunch: good behaviour crunch. Santa is a bit like a publisher, he doesn’t tolerate missed milestones and you don’t want to miss out on those Santa gifts now do you?
We’ve also had an important milestone this past month: you may have noticed a new game in the games section: E-Prix Predictor! This new iteration of the predictor platform allows players to follow Formula E’s season 4 with a vested interest as they will be able to predict the outcome of all of the season’s race weekends.
The first Formula E race weekend saw some pretty chaotic action, luckily the tips kindly provided by editors still proved to be useful to obtain some precious points in the season opener double header. We have also created a “Challenge the Devs” league, you can join us here, and you’ll be able to compete against our predictions (I swear we won’t add points to our predictions if you start beating us regularly) you have time until the 13th of January to register and save a prediction for the next E-Prix!
Grand Prix Predictor’s season also came to an end shortly after our last blog post. The battle was very close at the top of the Global League throughout the year, but in the end only one could win it, so, on behalf of all of the Motorsport Gaming team, we wish to congratulate Petruchka: well done, whoever you are.
On the Motorsport Master front we were able to see a few additions in the freshly released update like: new languages (Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian), bug fixes and the introduction of the  much needed cloud based game saves in the first update of 2018!
Now we’re off to stuff our faces one last time before we can officially consider the winter holiday season over in Italy. We’ll keep our heads down in the coming weeks, there is still plenty of new content to be added to our games and we can’t wait to show you all the fancy new stuff as part of our new year’s resolutions!
Ciao for now and happy new year!