Playing with others

Playtime is something that helps people and animals alike develop and refine motor, cognitive and social skills. Which is why I’ve been drawn to games and sports as far as I can remember: nothing makes me happier than playing games with other people, be it cooperatively or competitively.

This type of feeling is shared by everyone at Motorsport Gaming, which is why we aim at developing games that allow you to play with others as much as possible.

With this in mind we begun working on Motorsport Master, a managerial game inspired by the world of open wheel formula racing which was launched in 2017, initially released with only the single player career mode, as of Monday 19th February, has a new and exciting multiplayer game feature: Quick Races!

Quick Races players can engage up to 4 other managers in real time, in intense, online cross-platform battles on 50 racetracks in changing weather conditions.

In Quick Races, unlike the single player career mode, Motorsport Master players don’t have the luxury to pause the game and select the best strategy available: each choice has to be made on the fly. Picking the right lap to pit-in, or the best car setup are split second decisions that can make the difference between winning and losing.

While Motorsport Master Quick Race mode is an exciting new addition to the game, Motorsport Gaming’s will be releasing additional multiplayer modes very soon, which will include Ranked Challenges with weekly competitions and prizes, an online career mode and the opportunity to invite your friends and challenge them directly online and in real time.

Much like F1 teams are gearing up for the 2018 season, we are also working on getting the GP Predictor platform ready for lights out in Melbourne, it’s hard to focus while you wait for the big teams to unveil their new cars.

Hopefully the competition amongst GPP players will be as fierce as the one we see on E-Prix Predictor, with just over a week until the next E-Prix in Mexico City your guess on who’s going to win this round is as good as mine…

So don’t forget to try our new Quick Races multiplayer mode on Motorsport Master (you can download the game for free on iOS and Android) and to enter your predictions for the next E-Prix!!!

Ciao for now.